Music Links

Here are some great links for students, teachers, and parents to explore. Click on the pictures to go to the websites.

Arts Alive - Match instrument sounds with their name. Match composers with their compositions. Plus, learn more about the orchestra!

Classics for Kids - Fun games, music, and information about many famous composers

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids - Play music games, listen to music, make instruments at home, and other fun stuff

Freddie the Frog - This site is especially great for students in grades Kindergarten - 3rd grade who are continuing to be working on reading notes of the Treble Clef. Freddie the Frog and his 'friendz' have a lot of fun games to play to learn more about music.

Jazz - Jazz is a pretty sweet form of music. Explore more about jazz, how it came to be, and what makes it special.

Making Music Fun - This is a great site for worksheets on various music topics. All of them are rather simple and would be great for a parent to use to work on note reading, intervals, and rhythms right at home.

Melody Street - This is a really fun site with all sorts of games, songs, and activities. This site is recommended for younger children ages 3-8. There is so much to do you could spend hours exploring all the fun things to do.

Morton Subotnick's Creating Music - Spend some time composing your own music. They will even create variations to your composition.

Music K-8 Kids - Music K-8 is a great music resource. This link allows you to watch short music videos about music concepts, as well as, play games and listen to different music.

Music Tech Teacher
This is a great resource for both parents and students. It has information about reading notes, skips, steps, intervals, and a whole lot more. The information is easy to read and can help parents that do not have a lot of experience with music before, but want their students to learn. There are also a whole list of games that work on different music areas.

Nashville Symphony for Kids
Understand the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. What would you see, hear, and learn by going to a symphony concert?

New York Philharmonic
More composition and game fun at this site. (Music Mingles are especially different and fun!)

San Francisco Symphony Kids
Explore rhythm, tempo, pitch, harmony, etc. through interactive activities. Listen to music, explore instruments of the orchestra, and compose your own music.

Sphinx Kids
Learn about composers, instruments, and rhythms through games.

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