Friday, September 27, 2013

Freebie Friday - In the Woods

As part of Mrs. Q's Freebie Friday I am offering the following Freebie:
I recently created an adorable file for the song In the Woods (also known as The Green Grass Grew All Around). If you are unfamiliar with it you should check out Beth's Music Notes blog post HERE. The version I sing has a few changes in lyrics, but the melody is the same and you can get the general idea.

I sing this song with my 1st graders and they absolutely love it. It is great for practicing singing short phrases and echoing. To make the song even more fun, after a few times of singing it without visuals I add the SMARTboard file for fun pictures. I recently updated it with cute pictures from My Cute Graphics.

In order to share this with you I have uploaded it as a SMARTnotebook file, a powerpoint, and a pdf. If you do have a SMARTboard I have already linked up each page, so you just click on the last lyric of each page to continue with the song. If you have a PDF or powerpoint you flip the page and they go in order. I'm sharing all these files through Dropbox, and I don't think you'll have a problem downloading them, but if you do please let me know! (Click on the picture to get the link to download the file)

Powerpoint Version:
Powerpoint Version
Follow this link ->
PDF Version:
PDF Version
SMARTnotebook file:
SMARTboard file
Please let me know if you use this file with your students and things that you liked or disliked about this freebie. I'm always looking for ways to improve! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this cute resource. So glad you created a Freebie Friday post. Don't forget to link up on my site. :) You should be able to click the link up button at the bottom of my post.

    1. I think I already linked it up. It shows up on my computer, but maybe not yours? Or maybe I did something wrong. Let me know if you aren't seeing it.

    2. I just looked at it again and it shows the link up. It must take some time before I'm able to see it. Thanks for linking up!