Monday, June 30, 2014

400 TpT Giveaway Scavenger Hunt


As a celebration of reaching 400 TpT followers, I'm having a giveaway! To make it more interesting I'm going to make it a scavenger hunt. The clues I created represent 5 different items in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. One item is worth at least $12 (only one riddle), one is worth at least $10 (only two riddles), one is worth at least $5 (three riddles), one is worth at least $3 (four riddles), and one is worth at least $1 (five riddles).

To enter the giveaway you will need to search MY STORE for items that represent my riddles. Solve as many as you can to earn more chances to win! When you have solved as many riddles as you can, send me an email at bcritters2231988(at)gmail(dot)com or send me a private message via my Facebook Group - Making Music Memories. Make sure it is a private message and not on the group page for everyone to see, otherwise you'll be giving away answers!

Note: There are only 5 products represented in the riddles so you will get the same answer multiple times.

Riddle #1
10 practice sheets are there
In this coloring bundle of flair
Don’t forget to search for spring
To find sunshine, rainbows, and other bling

Riddle #2
After do, then comes re
Let’s all practice before we play
These fun worksheets will show you how
To find re on the staff bam, ka-plow!

Riddle #3
Baby Shark, A Ram Sam Sam
If you like these songs then you’ll be a fan
Of this fun bundle of 15 tunes
With slides, lyrics, and guitar chords, too

Riddle #4
This bundle is filled with 10 whole songs to teach your first music rhythms

Riddle #5
This bundle will help reinforce the note
That you can find between do and mi

Riddle #6
This bundle uses solfege and teaches students tonic
With 7 songs they’ll sing along and learn as quick as Sonic

Riddle #7
Solve each box with so and mi
To find the color in the key
Then color, color to your delight
‘Til everything is pretty and out of sight

Riddle #8
Bee, Bee Bumblebee, that is what you’ll see
Using this fun bundle, you’re students won’t stumble

Riddle #9
Say, hey, kay, and may, these are words that rhyme
With the worksheet bundle I made
For the solfege syllable ______

Riddle #10
Summer weather, summer sun
Let’s have a campfire and some fun
Sing these songs and giggle a long
Boom Chicka Boom now sing this song

Riddle #11
This bundle includes the following sheets:
Neighborhood Mix-up, Show Me the Sign, & Stuck in the Middle

Riddle #12
Grab some marshmallows
Let’s have some s’mores
While we sing from the newest
bundle of campfire songs

Riddle #13
Coloring, coloring it’s so fun
This spring bundle with lots of sun
Can help your students to find so & mi
Many of the sheets have a different key

Riddle #14
The first two notes students learn to sing
Why not practice with coloring things?

Riddle #15
After using my song file Pairs or Pears,
To help your students prepare
These worksheets would be next on my list
To help them practice… I insist!


This giveaway will end on Sunday, July 6 at 9 pm CST! I hope you enjoy the giveaway, I'm hoping it is as fun for you as it was for me to create the riddles and clues.

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