Monday, May 4, 2015

Making May Musical - Linky Party

The big Teacher's Appreciation Sale is starting tomorrow! I'm so excited to finally stock up on some new resources at 28% off. My store will be on sale during the entire sale, but make sure to use the promo code: ThankYou to get the 8% extra savings.

In preparation for the sale I'm linking up with Tina at the Totally Tuned-In Teacher to share some resources I'm particularly excited about during this sale.

Making May Musical Linky Party

First, something I'm really excited about in my store is my Half Note, Half Rest, Whole Note, and Whole Rest Bundle. This bundle is HUGE and includes so many resources I cannot even go into detail about all of them. Not only this, but I'm still ADDING to the bundle! I recently added the Introduction to the Half Rest - PDF/Powerpoint. In the pictures below you can see many of the resources included. It includes games, visuals, introduction powerpoints, song files, and worksheets!
Song File previews...
Fun on the Farm
Bake Me a Cake Game
Into to Half Rest - preview

Click any of the pictures to find this in my shop.
(You can also buy all these things separately, too.)

Second, I'm really excited to purchase this resource from a fellow music teacher:
Amy Abbott's file would be a lot of fun for continued practice on the recorder. Plus, I think my district is one of the few where we teach BAGC'D' before teaching BAGED. This is one of the few resources I've found for practicing just these notes. I may even have to buy it to use this week with my 4th graders.

Finally, I'm planning on buying a LOT of fonts in this sale, so I'm not sure I'll purchase much in clip art. If I do, I will probaby buy this bundle of clip art from Whimsy Clips. Her clipart is my absolute favorite and I really cannot get enough of it. This bundle would really help continue to add to my growing collection for random projects:

Click the picture to find it in her store.

That's all for now! Hope you enjoy the sale! Please check out the other blog posts back at the original Link Up HERE.

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