About Me

My name is Brittany De Laruelle and I'm a music teacher, TpT shop owner, and a Thirty-One consultant.

Before I became a teacher:
I grew up in a family that had little to no music training, but appreciated music and supported my enjoyment of music. There are video tapes of me singing songs from The Little Mermaid at a very young age and the Sound of Music was my favorite movie for as long as I can remember.

What inspired me:
I have had the dream to become a music teacher since I was just 8 years old. I made this decision back in 2nd grade when we were asked to write a short paragraph about what we want to be when we grow up. I still have this paper and other journal entries like it. They all stated close to the same thing.

"I want to be a music teacher just like Mrs. Schmidt! I want to be a music teacher because I love to sing and I love music!"

It is funny how the innocent dream of a young child can come true about 14 years later.

My music journey:
I sang my first solo in front of a large group of people at the age of 7.

I joined my church choir in 3rd grade (the earliest you could join it). I convinced the church choir director to give me some simple training on the piano. He showed me how to find middle C on the piano and how to play simple tunes. I begged my mom to let me take piano lessons, but it wasn't until high school that I was actually given formal training.

When I was in 4th grade I joined the band as a clarinet player.

All through high school I was involved in anything musical, including: musicals, show choir, concert choir, vocal jazz, concert band, and a barbershop quartet.

My educational training and philosophy:
I graduated from St. Norbert College (De Pere, WI) with a Bachelors in Music (Vocal/General Music). I teach my students with an emphasis in Kodaly, but I also try to mix in Orff and Dalcroze.

A bit more about me:
I currently teach in two rural public school districts in Wisconsin. I'm currently a K-5 teacher and have been teaching since 2010. When I first started teaching I taught K-12 music between two districts, but I am now teaching K-5 music. This is a tricky position as one district has music twice a week for 30 minutes and the other has music once a week for 45 minutes.

I have various hobbies that I enjoy when I can find the time. I knit, crochet, paint, and scrapbook. I enjoy spending weekends with my boyfriend who unfortunately lives almost 2 hours away from me. I love the color purple and have a collection of platypus stuffed animals.

This summer I performed in a community theatre performance of Seussical the Musical. Here is a picture of me as The Cat in the Hat:

Anything else you want to know? Leave me a message below!


  1. I just have to say, it's frightening how very similar we are, right down to most of our hobbies! And I can't tell you how many times I strolled through my house as a kid singing Little Mermaid songs. Oh well, who am I kidding, I still do that ;)

    1. You crack me up! Thanks for reading and leaving me a reply!

    2. Hi, I LOVE your blog. It has been so helpful this year as I have come back to teaching music after 15 years away from the classroom. I was wondering if your blog has a way to search it?
      Thanks so much for everything you have posted.

    3. Hi Carolyn,

      I'm so glad to hear that my blog has been useful to you. I have been meaning to put a 'Search My Blog' link up, but had forgotten. It now is there right under the title on the right hand side.

      Hope that helps!