Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2/4 Tuesday - 4 Fun Videos

This week is a short week. I have one more full day of teaching before a day of in-service. Because of that I have a lot of classes that could easily get ahead. Plus, Christmas concert music practice will begin next week. As some time fillers and as rewards for some of my classes, I have showed some videos to my students. I love showing videos to my students and I have a whole list of videos I have used for various music occasions. My students just love them. So, here are a few that are new or that I just personally really enjoy.

Pentatonix - The Wizard of Ahhhs
This is a medley of popular pop tunes, I seriously love Pentatonix!

Roar - Alex Goot & Sam Tsui
These two guys have some beautiful voices and I love the message of this song. Katy Perry does write some good songs, but I just like men singing her songs better.

Ode to Joy - Muppets
Beaker sings Ode to Joy, but some things start to go wrong...

Moon Trance - Lindsey Stirling
This is a creepy little violin solo song that is perfect for the Halloween season.

I definitely suggest using Safe Share for showing these videos. You can learn more about Safe Share in one of my old blog posts here. Hope you all had a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for doing a 2/4 Tuesday! I just created the link up now at my blog post. I LOOOOOVE Pentatonix. I am so glad you posted these videos!

    1. I have now linked up with your blog post. I'll update my 2/4 Tuesday banner so it links to your post. I also love Pentatonix. My students tease me about how many Pentatonix videos I show them. I'm going to be adding a Videos link to my blog for music teachers that enjoy sharing music videos for different things. I already have a list of links sorted by category, so hopefully that will help some of you out. :)