Sunday, October 27, 2013

Five Favorite Pins of October

If you are interested in any of these pins you can click on the title for the Pin on Pinterest

1) Music Fortune Tellers
These Music Fortune Tellers can be found at Just a Little Note Blog. I have a feeling my students would really enjoy this activity, especially some of the girls that like to come in during recess.

2) Spooky Classical Music
A list of Spooky Classical Music by Joy Morin. Not sure what I will do with this, but I thought it was kind of a cool list and maybe I can find a use for this next October.

3) Rhythm Poster
Since I normally teach rhythm around this time of the year I really liked this cute Rhythm poster created by Coffee and Rainboots. It would be great to print out and post in your classroom. :)

4) Piano Guys - O Fortuna
This is a video created by the Piano Guys, which like normal is amazing! This would be a great way of showing how classical music can still be transferred to 'modern' day.

5) Unpitched Rhythm Composition
This looks like a pretty cute and simple unpitched rhythm composition for Miss White had a Fright. The person who wrote it said they used it with their 6th graders, but I definitely think that my 1st or 2nd graders would be able to do something like it using ta and ti-ti.

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