Thursday, September 13, 2012

Those Great UNPLANNED Teaching Moments...

It is hard to believe that I am already almost finished with my second week of teaching this school year. Last week was the typical 'getting started' lessons. Lots of discussions about expectations and some introductions. However, this is the first year I already know most of my students. It is so nice to be able to call most students by their names. It definitely helps with classroom management when you already have an idea of what to expect from certain students.

Today, the art teacher at one of my schools told me to check out the google icon today. It was an icon to celebrate Clara Schumann's 193rd birthday! Here is a picture of it for those that may have missed it:

I took this as an opportunity to share a few details about Clara Schumann with my class. It seemed to peak quite a bit of interest and I reminded them that if they went home and clicked on the picture it brings up all sorts of information about Clara.

I love finding those unexpected and unplanned teaching opportunities. It may take sometime away from the originally planned lesson plan, but you have to cease the moment sometimes. :)

Have a fabulous day! Go ahead and check out Clara Schumann on google, you know you want to!

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