Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Challenge #1 - Creating a Pattern

The third class that I taught during the summer was a Scrapbooking class. This class was by far my favorite to teach. I was a little worried going into it that students would not actually practice the techniques that I taught them. This was something I was warned about by the current art teacher. To solve this dilemma, my friend E came up with a brilliant solution: Scrapbooking challenges! I created five different challenges to go with the five different techniques we worked on throughout the summer. Students then worked on these challenge pieces and turned them in after a certain amount of time.

For each challenge I created PowerPoints with guidelines, tips & tricks, and challenge points (what they are 'graded' on).

The first challenge was creating a pattern that somehow represents yourself. The guidelines for the first challenge were as follows:
  • Create a pattern using stamps, markers, pens, etc. that somehow represents you
  • Must use AT LEAST ONE stamp
  • Use at least one picture of yourself
  • Include at least 4 interesting facts about yourself on the page
  • Can only use a combination of 10 stickers and pictures

Tips & Tricks to help students with the challenge:
  • Only have two to three focal points (things that REALLY catch your eye)
  • Focus on the pattern FIRST!
  • Pick colors that allow the pattern to stick out

Students were 'graded' on the following Challenge Points:
  • Creativity
  • Follow Directions
  • Teamwork (Working with those around you and helping them)
  • Time Management (Working hard and using the time given to make a great product!)
  • Neatness

My example:
Challenge #1 - Pattern Example

At the end of 3 work days (50 minute classes), students turned in their work. I looked through all the work and added the points up. I then chose one winner to receive a bookmark and have their picture taken with their work. I also chose a team winner. The team was based on an average of points based on the number of teammates. It was amazing how excited students got about this after the first challenge.

To see what great work my students came up with, I will post the winning pages of each challenge. Keep in mind these pages were created by 8-11 year olds. I also have put images in front of pictures to keep my students identities a mystery.

Here is Challenge #1 Winner: Challenge 1 - About Yourself

Thanks for reading!

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