Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Decorating Fairview

Information Bulletin Board

After decorating Bonduel for two days, I spent FOUR days decorating Fairview. That is the most time I have ever spent decorating my room, but it was definitely worth it!

The first things I worked on was my word wall on the south wall. This wall has a whole bunch of music words organized in categories. I know a lot of word walls are alphabetical, but I like having words in categories to make it easier for students to find the word they are looking for. I posted both posters that I bought, as well as, posters that I created this summer:

Pictures Before Decorating

South Wall (Word Wall)

I also added an awesome bulletin board next to the word wall. This bulletin board was actually quite simple to make and I used black 'painters tape' to create the keys. It looks so great now that it is finished and it really adds something to my 'music story corner.'

Bulletin Board

The next thing I worked on was creating a small story corner. This is the corner I use when I sing a story to my little ones. That is one of my favorite things to do when teaching the little ones. I have all sorts of song storybooks and they love listening to the stories and singing along to their favorites like Puff the Magic Dragon and Over the Rainbow.

Pictures Before Decorating

Reading Corner
This is not a particularly good picture... but you get the idea.

The next step was adding the learning target dry erase boards and the music alphabet like I had in Bonduel:
Day 3 Progress

The final step, creating a Student of the Month bulletin board to show the great achievements my students:
North Wall

For more pictures check out my album on my Flickr Account.
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  1. Good job! It is funny how spending that much time decorating really does pay off. I didn't expect it!

    Besides decorating, there are two other things that make a bit of a difference in my classroom. I have a scentsy wax warmer. I always have food smells going. My first graders told their teacher they love coming to my room because it "smells delicioso!" I also have a jar of candy on my desk. It keeps teachers dropping in to visit all day. I like visitors. :)

  2. I love the idea of adding candy in my room. While reading your blog I have noticed that we are very similar. One, both of us are super attractive, so our students have a hard time taking us too seriously. Two, we are both Chatty Kathys... lol. I also am one that loves chatting and normally I have to remind myself that other teachers are trying to get work done. :P

    I like the idea of food smells, but since I am a traveling teacher I rarely get time for lunch and I think it may just make me hungrier :P

    Thanks for checking out my blog!